Quantum Technology

Quantum realm is a term of art in physics referring to scales where quantum mechanical effects become important when studied as an isolated system. Typically, this means distances of 100 nanometres (10−9 meters) or less or at very low temperature. More precisely, it is where the action or angular momentum is quantized. Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) are nuclear power plants that smaller in size (300 MWe or less) than current generation base load plants (1,000 MWe or higher). Some time ago, it has been discovered that the penetrability of a potential barrier can be increased by coupling with a dissipative system, which suggests interesting applications in the molecular and the nuclear chemistry. Recently, it has been discovered that in a packet of superradiant systems, supplied by a current application, dissipation can be exceeded by heat absorption at the contacts between these system, suggesting physical structures for heat conversion into usable energy.

  • Quantum Realm
  • Quantum Clock
  • Quantum Cyber Security
  • Advanced Quantum Computers
  • Quantum Storage
  • Quantum Teleportation
  • Superdense Coding
  • Quantum Heat Engines And Refrigerators
  • Quantum Dot Nanoswitches
  • Quantum Motors
  • Quantum Satellite
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Barrier Penetrability in an Open Quantum System
  • Tunnelling Spectrum in an Open Quantum System
  • Chemical Reactions in an Open Atomic System
  • Matter-Field Interaction in an Open Quantum System
  • Field Propagation in an Open System
  • Quantum Dot Laser
  • Dissipative Dynamics of an Open System under the Action of a Field

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