Quantum Mechanics Interpretations

An Interpretation of Quantum mechanics is a set of statements which attempt to explain how Quantum mechanics informs our understanding of nature. In physics, the locality principle states that an object is only directly influenced by its immediate surroundings. A physical theory is said to be a local theory if it is consistent with the principle of locality. The quantum action is an operator, although it is superficially different from the path integral formulation where the action is a classical function, the modern formulation of the two formalisms are identical. Interpretations of Quantum mechanics attempt to provide a conceptual framework for understanding the many aspects of Quantum mechanics which are not easily handled by the conceptual framework used for classical physics.

  • Locality Principle
  • Quantum Logic
  • CHSH Inequality
  • Quantum Information Theories
  • Quantum Physics Formulation
  • Bell Test Loopholes
  • Hidden Variable Theory
  • Many-Worlds And Minds Interpretation
  • Quantum Artificial Intelligence
  • Photonic Communications
  • Quantum Communications
  • Global Positioning System
  • Other Interpretations

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