Flow of Time

The problem of the flow of time, as it has been treated in analytic philosophy, owes its beginning to a paper written by J. M. E. McTaggart. In this paper he proposes two "temporal series". The first series, which means to account for our intuitions about temporal becoming, or the moving Now, is called the A-series. The A-series orders events according to their being in the past, present or future, simpliciter and in comparison to each other. The B-series eliminates all reference to the present, and the associated temporal modalities of past and future, and orders all events by the temporal relations earlier than and later than.In his paper "The Unreality of Time", argues that time is unreal since a) the A-series is inconsistent and b) the B-series alone cannot account for the nature of time as the A-series describes an essential feature of it.

  • Casual Set Theory
  • The Block Universe: A picture of change
  • Arrow of Time: The Ultimate Theory of Time
  • Physics of Time
  • Space-Time Continuum
  • Quantum Nature of Time
  • Quantum Entanglement
  • Gravitational/Spacetime Singularity
  • The Theory of Relativity
  • 13.8 Billion Years After Big Bang: Has The Universe Reached Equilibrium?!
  • Changing Places - Space And Time Inside A Black Hole
  • Black Hole Paradox
  • Twin Paradox
  • Presentism and Eternalism
  • Direction of Time

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